Nivetha Suresh Babu

Delhi Private School Dubai


With the help of Gyanberry, I was able to explore the right university choice for me. They provided me the neccessary guidance on how to efficiently prepare for the entrance exams

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Be passionate of what you do

2. Stay positive despite the challenges

3. Start your preparations early


Rohit Srinivasan

Delhi Private School - Sharjah


Gyanberry made the admission process very easy. They have a very helpful Staff which responds to all our queries and emails.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Research about the quality of education

2. Emphasize on the quality of life

3. Calculate the cost of living


Yana Gupta

Lotus Valley International School, Gurgaon


Gyanberry is a very active organisation and helps one to achieve his or her goals by guiding them through every step. Right from preparation to the visa process, Gyanberry is always there.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Clinical exposure should be good

2. Study hard for the entrances

3. Work on your resume


Anmol Suri

Jai Hind Public School

New Delhi

Gyanberry has always been very informative and you get a quick response to your queries from their side. They are always there to help you with any problem or questions that you might have and are very supportive.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Be prepared to learn a new language, culture, lifestyle, etc

2. Be prepared for global competition

3. Always be focussed on your aim


Tia Manerker

Delhi Private School, Sharjah


Gyanberry made the entire application process very smooth. The best part was the easy and fast communication. Whenever I had a concern it was immediately solved by the admissions team. What also benifited me was the ease with which they handled my admission process.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Be well Prepared for the entrance exams

2. Be optimistic and dont get too stressed out while applying to universities everything will work out in the end.

3. Keep in mind that in interviews always be yourself and dont be scared of small mistakes.


Rishabh Joneja

GEMS new millennium school


I was aware that Gyanberry was a very efficient and well renowned agency. My seniors recommended it to me saying how much it helped them and they helped me a lot.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Dont panic or get disheartened if you feel you did bad on the test

2. Always be confident and trust yourself and your preparation

3. Go with your gut feeling, it always works

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