Manahil Afzal

Al Ain English Speaking School

Al Ain

Gyanberry helped me a lot with the admission process

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Be passionate

2. Focus on grades

3. Develop aptitude


Obay Elkhouly

Al Nahda National Schools

Abu Dhabi

My siblings used Gyanberry services before me & I read great reviews about them

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Focus on your Health

2. Do time management properly

3. Have social life


Karam Okla

Al shorouq private school


Gyanberry eased the registration process

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Look in to the universities available in depth

2. Prepare will for the entrance exam

3. Be optimistic


Amirmahdi Doraghi

Iranian school in the state of Kuwait


Gyanberry helped me through the entire process and the Study material they provided was also very helpful to pass the exam.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Work hard

2. Be positive

3. Never get disappointed


Anirudh Singh Rathore

Alok sansthan, Udaipur

Sirohi, Rajasthan

I choose Gyanbarry because they are very helpful in all the process for admission . They provided all necessary guidance for my admission process. I would like to thank all Gyanbarry very much for all the assistance

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Check how experienced the teachers are

2. See about the facilities that they provide in that program

3. Look at the infrastructure and weather of city because it matters in a study


Deniz GökçeDönmez

American Collegiate Institute

Antalya, Turkey

Gyanberry helped me a lot in the University exam procedure. They were very helpful during the acceptance stage & all other matters