Syed Abid Ali



Gyanberry provided us with prompt responses to out queries. They were always very Friendly and approachable personaly.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Be clear about what you want

2. Do research on options

3. Contact and connect with people who can guide you


Srishti Borkar

DPS Gardens


Gyanberry provided guidance to apply to a lot of universities across the world. They always provide Immediate responses to your queries.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Ensure to research about the time to be spent at university

2. Research about the country in detail

3. Have complete clarity on country where you would want to work


Kkyla Goveas

International School of Choueifat Dubai


I chose Gyanberry as I got a good review from a friend and Indeed they guided me through the whole process. They answered all my questions immediately thus making me not worry about the application process.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Do a full research on the university like get info from online mediums,friends and family

2. Never give up even when things may seem scary like maybe meeting university eligibility

3. Work smart


Muskan Awasthi

The Shri Ram School,Moulsari


Gyanberry made the whole process a lot easier and helped me with all my questions about the universities and the application process

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Keep calm

2. Study smart

3. Be confident


Tawhidul Islam

Arab Unity School


I chose Gyanberry on the recommendation of my seniors. Gyanberry was very informative and very helpful with the entire admission procedure.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Know properly about the field you wish to pursue

2. Check the rank of the university

3. Calculate the cost of tuition and living


Devika Singh

Private International English School

Abu Dhabi

Gyanberry is extremely helpful while applying to the university. We were given detailed information on every step of the way which was extremely beneficial and took a lot of weight from our shoulders.

Tips Tips for Success:

1. Give it all you got

2. Be extremely vigilant during interviews since whatever you say can be framed into a question

3. Never let your morale fall low, even if you get rejected it can be taken as a sign that the university was not the one